How small (or tiny) can we go?

FHBA Property Market Update 20/11/17

In the last week alone there has been several headlines around small & ‘tiny’ housing. As Australia’s housing affordability woes continue many experts say we need to think smaller, but at FHBA we ponder, how small can we really go? 

It has long been debated amongst experts, homeowners, investors, first home buyers (and really, anyone who thinks about property) – am I better to buy in the outer ‘burbs’ or in an inner-city area?

This topic was even featured in this week’s ‘First Home Buyer Diary’ series by journalist Jessica Irvine for the Sydney Morning Herald:

Generally, if you are looking at buying in an inner-city area you are usually looking at smaller housing that is more expensive than larger housing in the outskirts of your capital city.

When it comes to housing prices, experts will tell you that it is not all about ‘location, location’. The overall size of a dwelling can also play a key factor in the overall prices of property.

This is why many property experts argue that the answer to Australia’s housing affordability crisis is to build smaller houses. Some of Australia’s state based planning ministers have accepted this argument and are embedding this view into their policies.

So will smaller housing be Australia’s saving grace?

At FHBA, our view on this important matter is this. While yes, the overall sizes of dwellings plays a key role when it comes to price (and as such, smaller housing should equate to lower priced entry level options for first-timers), this thinking as a stand-alone solution is flawed. Why? Because we can’t just go smaller forever.

Last week, a studio apartment, located 3kms from Sydney CBD, was listed for $319,000. Sounds like a bargain right? Well that is until you look at just how small the apartment really is. It is just 10 sqm!!

Meanwhile, in Melbourne a ‘tiny home’ was auctioned off for $56,000. Its size? Just 14 sqm. But, it doesn’t come with any land. For that price, it comes on wheels.

Now yes, these are extreme examples. But our point is, you can’t keep going smaller forever. Far more needs to be done to solve Australia’s housing affordability crisis than just to build smaller housing.

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New Homes of the Week (edition 81)

Introducing our top five picks for First Home Owner Grant* (FHOG) (& FHBA 50 Rebate) eligible properties for this week. Apartments, house & land packages, townhouses, ready to build and construction already complete, there is plenty of variety in this weeks edition so be sure to take a closer look!

New home of the week State FHOG* FHBA 50 Rebate* View Property
New South Wales* $0*  ‘on enquiry’ See property
Queensland $20,000 ‘on enquiry’ See property
South Australia $15,000  $5,250 See property
Victoria $20,000  $8,000 See property
Western Australia $10,000 $4,550 See property

Did you know??

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*FHOG & FHBA 50 Rebate amounts are estimates only. Eligibility rules apply. Speak to an FHBA Coach for details. This week’s NSW property is not eligible for the FHOG due to the price falling above the NSW FHOG threshold, however, it is still eligible for the FHBA 50 Rebate – available exclusively through First Home Buyers Australia. 

Hey there good looking

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  • Ellenbrook is an affordable area located approximately 20km’s North East of Perth CBD
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Preliminary Weekend Auction Clearance Rates (18th – 19th of November)

(It was the third busiest weekend of auctions this year. Source: CoreLogic)

Capital City Property Price Movements: 20/November/2017

Updated daily, the CoreLogic Daily Home Value Index shows how property prices have been changing in our largest capital cities over the last 12 months. Over the last 3 months, Sydney property prices have fallen 1%. Over in Western Australia, while Perth has seen further falls in dwelling values, the pace of the falls is declining.

Capital City Index Score 3 months % Change Yearly % Change
Adelaide: 113.21 + 0.0% + 3.8%
Brisbane: 109.22 + 0.3% + 2.8%
Melbourne: 156.77 + 1.8% + 10.3%
Perth: 95.25 – 0.2% – 2.7%
Sydney: 175.15 – 1.0% + 6.0%

(Source: CoreLogic)


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