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If you want to buy your first home, but don’t have lots of savings, our low deposit home loan options can help you. Your deposit is one of the most important considerations. You may have been saving for years, or you may have limited money put aside, at FHBA, we understand that everyone is different. And that is why we have access to a range of products that will suit your personal situation.

Most lenders require a minimum of 5% genuine savings as deposit to purchase your first home. This means you must have the 5% deposit amount in your bank account for a period of time (usually three months) to prove to your lender that you’re able to save. However, at FHBA Mortgages, we understand that you might not always be able to demonstrate genuine savings, or have the full 5% saved. That’s why we work with you and our extensive panel of lenders to find a home loan that’s right for you. We even have access to a number of products that may allow you to get into your new home without genuine savings, or with less than the full 5% deposit.

Whilst this option may come with some costs such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) charges (which protects the lender not you the borrower), there are some other avenues in particular states which will allow you to purchase or build your first home without having to pay any LMI. See more below!



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The Options

We are proud to showcase various low deposit home loan options as per below:


There are still some lenders who are willing to lend more than 95% of your purchase price


Various occupations & educational  qualifications may qualify for special no LMI loans


LMI is one of the largest costs for low deposit loans, this can be added onto your loan balance


In some areas of Australia, you may eligible for Government backed loans without LMI costs


Borrowing 95% is relatively difficult compared to other home loans because you’ll need to meet stricter lender criteria to get approved for a low deposit loan.  Each lenders’ policy regarding genuine savings differs slightly so it is a great idea to seek advice from your FHBA Coach / Mortgage Broker first. Lenders mortgage insurance may also be payable.

Low deposit home loans can be quite flexible and tailored to suit your needs. Typically a low deposit home loan suits aspiring first home buyers with the following characteristics:

  • Current renters, if you can demonstrate timely rental payments
  • Stable Employment, a minimum of 6 months
  • A good income, lenders usually require a greater income for low deposit loans
  • Clear credit history, a blemish-free credit report is vital
  • Minimal Debts, most lenders require minimal existing debt commitments
  • Property type, the lower deposit home loans usually have postcode/property type restrictions



Case Study 1: Buying with a deposit of less than 5%

Assuming you are from states such as QLD, SA or WA, where the First Home Owners Grants are more than the $10,000 and there are more first home buyer appropriate homes, this option could be a consideration as you could potentially use the increased First Home Owner Grant to pay for the deposit alongside any other savings you may have, without the requirement of genuine savings.

A small handful of lenders that FHBA Mortgages have access to, will allow the 5% deposit to be made up of your saved funds plus the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). In a QLD example (within the 2016/17 Financial Year), where a first home buyer is buying an FHOG eligible new home; the minimum deposit required could be as little as $6,000 where a property is purchased for approximately $300,000:

Type of Cost Amount
5% Deposit $15,000
Property Costs $3,000
LMI $8,000
Total Deposit Costs $26,000
Less: QLD FHOG $20,000
Total Funds Required $6,000

Case Study 2: Buying with a deposit of 5%

Unfortunately, most lenders, even those who allow 95% loans don’t allow the First Home Owners Grant to make up part of the 5% deposit required.  The FHOG could still be used to cover the associated costs and a small amount would be returned as part of the settlement or alternatively, a slightly lower loan amount could be borrowed. Usually, the lender will require a minimum of 5% being genuinely saved over a minimum period of 3 months.

If you are looking to buy your first home with a 5% deposit and the property is worth $300,000 then you will need to genuinely save a minimum of $15,000 over a period of at least 3 months, some lenders may request 6 months.

If you haven’t been able to genuinely save over 3 months you still may qualify as there are a small handful of lenders that will now treat your rental payments (if you are renting now) as part of your Genuine Savings calculation.



Shared Ownership Home Loan Schemes in certain areas of Australia are designed to help low to moderate income earners for first and subsequent homebuyers. Click on the below image to see if these are available in your state:

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