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What if I need some assistance now?

Simple answer is: Don’t worry you can contact us anytime!

If you need our help between your reviews we can still help you. Feel free to contact your FHBA Coach to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

It is important to remember we will help you for the life of your mortgage, unlike a lender we won’t treat you like a ‘number’ we treat all our clients equally regardless of how much you borrow and we don’t just assist when you are applying for your loan.

If you are not the best deal it is likely the bank won’t contact you to get you on a better deal, bet we can guarantee you that we will, because we represent you!

Will my loan be reviewed post-settlement?

As part of our services, we will conduct an annual review for all FHBA Mortgage clients (or more frequently if you choose to). We do this because you have more important things to do than to worry about your home loan!

Banks (and other lenders) can change rates at their discretion, therefore it is hard to predict when they will move rates. Lenders tend to move together, however, there may be some lenders that may not move their rates as sharply as other lenders, therefore, the importance of an ongoing review program

We also may find that some clients are not using all of the important features of their mortgage, hence it is our job to show the benefits of using some of them, as most will likely result in lower costs for you.

What happens after settlement?

So you have secured the property and settlement has just occurred! The property and the loan are now in your name. If you have used one of our team, then it’s fair to say your loan is going to be appropriately based on your current and future plans. This may include interest only, offset, split accounts, primary and lifestyle accounts, linked credit and debit cards.

As we have helped you get your first home loan, we don’t plan to end our relationship there – we will maintain the relationship to ensure you are always on a suitable deal for your circumstance. We will do consistent reviews and are developing unique and innovative programs designed to assist you.

What is a Conditional approval?

conditional approval is granted (before being formally/unconditionally approved) when the lender has looked at the loan documents and the signed application form, and done a full assessment on the loan and issued an approval in principle letter. A conditional approval means that your loan has been assessed and approved subject to a few outstanding items, with the main item usually being the valuation report.

The lender will usually issue a written letter stating that your loan is conditionally approved and formally list each of the conditions that need to be met before Unconditional approval is issued.

What is an Unconditional Approval?

An Unconditional Approval is granted when your loan application has been fully approved and is not subject to any terms and conditions – this is the stage where you can breathe easy knowing your loan is formally approved! The main difference between a conditional and unconditional approval is that a satisfactory valuation figure has come back from the lender’s valuer, i.e. as your lender needs to ensure they have lent money on the fair market value of your property.  Your loans offer documents are generally distributed at this point. Once these documents are signed, returned and checked by the lender, your application will be moved to settlement.

What is a Pre-Approval?

You don’t need to find your new home before you can apply for a loan.

Some lenders provide a loan pre-approval which is usually subject to meeting required terms and conditions, such as the property valuation. This is where your loan limit is approved for a certain time (usually around 3-6 months), and providing your circumstances have not changed you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to pay for a property, and you’ll have the freedom to make an offer on a property knowing that your finance is already organised. This will ensure you only focus on properties within your price range and takes the hassle away from having to apply for a full approval in one go.

Important Note: A pre-approval does not necessarily mean you have a guaranteed loan approval.

Which bank should I get approved with?

FHBA Brokers work with over 40 lenders every day. This means that if you have a situation that is a little different there will still be a few lenders that can consider your situation or scenario.

Having so many options available allows us to choose a bank that suits your needs and offers an attractive deal for you.

We have strong relationships with Australia’s big four banks – ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB & Westpac, and also a variety of medium sized banks and non-bank lenders. Hence, we have almost every scenario covered!

When we send you some comparisons, we will usually include a range of lenders from big banks to non-bank lenders.

Can I still get approved if I haven't found my home?

The short answer is, Yes, of course, you can. In fact, we would encourage you to contact us prior to finding your first home as this would give you greater confidence when searching for your first home, ensuring it is within your budget.

Pre-approvals are usually valid for 90 days. If your pre-approval expires before you find a property then we can obtain an extension, provided your lenders accepts it.

What if I don't have a very good credit history?

This is where Mortgage Brokers, especially first home buyer specialists are of great assistance. We have almost every unique situation covered with our 40+ panel of lenders, who offer over 1,300 different products, that is a lot of options!

It is usually a matter for your Mortgage Broker to assess your situation and give you the most flexible options with the best possible features, such as low-interest rates.

We also help with non-conforming and low doc loans.

First home buying made easy


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  • A very late, belated “thankyou” for all your assistance to Brendan and me in getting our mortgage organized. For first-home buyers, it’s quite a daunting experience, but your assistance made it relatively simple. So a big ‘thankyou’ from us and we’ll be in touch soon as we’re contemplating purchasing some more property.

    Michell & Brendan Kosmer South Lake WA
  • Paul was fantastic at organising a great loan for my first home. He made the extra effort to teach me everything I needed to know and provided great customer service and I would definitely recommend his services.

    Benjamin Scanlan Gold Coast
  • As newcomers to the minefield of buying land and building Don glided us thru the process with painless ease. The service was impeccable and I have no problems in recommending him to friends needing advice and use of broking services.

    Jeremy P Sydney NSW
  • Thanks for your email and the sincere advice. Indeed we will persevere with our dream of owning a home in Australia. We will work towards our little goal and would not hesitate to contact good guys like you should we have questions on the way. Thank you so much Cheers

  • Peter offered my partner and I service beyond our expectations. Nothing was a problem and everything was taken care of with incredible timing.A settlement in under 4 weeks did not seem possible, but Peter made it happen. We now have a beautiful home we love to live in. It all fell into place. Thank you.

    Timothy Bentley SA
  • Ray helped our family acquire the funds needed to build our dream home at a time when we had started to believe it was never going to happen. Ray was professional and had a wealth of knowledge, Ray was able to do the work behind the scenes that meant we only had to worry about the big stuff and could leave the rest to him. We are now in the middle of seeing our dream home built, Thanks Ray!

    Cath Fairs NSW
  • Finding Guido was a Bless! As a first home buyer I had so many questions not only related to banks loans but Government grant, Stamp duty, etc. He was always there to clarify all my doubts and to give me a clear picture of the most convenient options form my personal circumstances. His advice was excellent!! I highly recommend Guido for his professionalism and charisma to deal with people My rating to Guido is 5 Star!!

    Abner Montiel Roleystone WA
  • I couldn't have done it without First Home Buyers Australia- FHBA.

    I really appreciated the FHBA team's efforts through the whole process. And particularly appreciated you keeping me in the loop throughout. FHBA also helped me negotiate a better deal with the real estate agent, saving me thousands of dollars!

    I've just finished moving everything in now and was very happy with the outcome of the whole process.

    If you are looking for a loan and need to make sure you have the appropriate insurance cover, definitely check FHBA out they are lifesavers!

    Kane Newham - Blackwall NSW
    Kane Newham - Blackwall NSW
  • When we started looking for our first property over a year ago we were so overwhelmed with all the information on the "current market", auctions, negotiations and week after week inspections that we nearly gave up our search until we came across FHBA. The guidance given to us by Taj along with his passion of helping young families like us buy our first property was extremely comforting knowing that we always had someone working on our side, who would consider our needs and work within our budget. We are finally in the "market" and we can't thank Taj enough for the speed and efficiency in which he responded to our endless emails, phone calls, questions we threw at him and the recommendations of solicitors, insurance companies etc to ensure we had covered all aspects of purchasing our first home. We have no hesitation recommending Taj and FHBA to family, friends and anyone needing any information or looking to buy a property!

    Shaun, Jessica and Noah W - Central Coast (NSW)
    Shaun, Jessica and Noah W - Central Coast (NSW)
  • Taj was friendly, very professional and knowledgeable. He made an otherwise stressful journey feel exciting. We value his honesty most. He always made sure we understood the reality of the situation and that in turn has helped us make the most informed decision about how much we could borrow. We will recommend him to family and friends in a heartbeat.

    Karan E of GLENWOOD NSW
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