Hotspot in focus: Adelaide Hills (SA)

Where is Adelaide Hills?

The Adelaide Hills are part of the Ranges, east of Adelaide and in the state of South Australia. The largest town in Adelaide Hills is Mount Barker, which has a population of around 29,000 and is also one of Australia’s fastest growing towns. Mount Barker, is known as a thriving residential, commercial and service centre of excellence for the Adelaide Hills area, making it a great place to live.

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Why Adelaide Hills?

The suburban lifestyle in the Adelaide Hills feels distinctly different when you breathe in the fresh air, can watch the seasons change all around you and be barely a 30-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD. What makes Adelaide Hills so special:

Transport & Location – Whilst there is no train line connecting the Adelaide Hills to the CBD, there are extensive bus services and a direct freeway link which makes getting by very easy! Popular suburbs such as Mount Barker & Stirling are also part of the Adelaide Hills, which are consistently considered some of the best places to live in Adelaide’s outer suburbs.

Schools –Part of the beauty living in the Adelaide Hills is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your children’s education. A solid cross-section of private, public and specialised schooling is available in the Hills. Whether you are after a pre-school, primary, high school or TAFE,  or school with religious affiliation, the Hills have all options covered!

Attractions – Adelaide Hills has long been a peaceful country retreat for the people of Adelaide. The variety of its landscapes, the quality of its food and wine, the abundance of its wildlife makes it a memorable destination not only for visiting buy living in too!

Mount Barker (in Adelaide Hills) is home to some of the country’s best new housing with amazing views

The Adelaide Hills economy

Interstate and international tourism is the largest part of the Adelaide Hills economy, especially considering that it is the closest food and wine region to Adelaide’s CBD. In the past 12 months, an estimated 6000 international visitors travelled to the Adelaide Hills, staying 81,000 nights, according to the latest International Visitor Survey results. Spending by international tourists visiting the Adelaide Hills has increased by 117 per cent during the past decade, which has had a significant impact on the economy in this region.

Adelaide Hills housing

New housing has grown in popularity as first home buyers on tight budgets look to get a foothold in the market in the more affordable areas surrounding the Adelaide CBD with the $15,000 FHOG (for new homes only). The new developments and existing housing with pleasant views and a relaxed lifestyle has many first home buyers considering Adelaide Hills as their ideal first home destination.

According to APM Data, the median house price in Adelaide Hills’ premier suburb of Mount Barker is currently $428,000 and the median unit price currently stands at $295,000.

Whilst this median price for Mount Barker can be considered expensive for the South Australia market, Adelaide Hills is home to many suburbs which have house median prices well below $400,000. Some of these suburbs include:

  • Woodforde
  • Stirling
  • Meadows
  • Woodside
  • Birdwood

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How can FHBA help secure your first home in Adelaide Hills?

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First Home Loan

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FHOG eligible brand new home

We have a range of brand new property opportunities for aspiring first home buyers looking to buy in Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas (all with FHOG eligibility + the FHBA 50 Rebate!). Simply click the below image for more details on the options we have available. Be sure to make an enquiry if you are interested and want to know more about your options!

We have access to over many different projects across the Adelaide region!

Established homes

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