Pre-Purchase Property Advice

Helping you find your dream location & home

Are you unsure of where to buy your first home?

Are you hesitating on what type of property to buy?

Feeling overwhelmed about the property market and concerned that you may make a very costly mistake?

Perhaps you are spending lots of time looking at properties but you are frustrated because you are not getting anywhere?


When it comes to property in Australia everyone has an opinion on what, where, how & when (what you should be purchasing, where you should be buying, how you should be doing it, when you should be doing it). But where are all these opinions coming from?

It could be from family members and friends who don’t really have any major experience or expert knowledge in these matters (except they may have purchased 1 or 2 properties in their lifetime themselves?). Or perhaps from a property or finance person trying to sell you something so they make some money?

Buying your first home is no easy thing. You have worked hard to save your deposit and you want to buy your first home successfully. So whether you are feeling a little unsure, or completely lost (or anything in between), it really makes common sense to get some expert assistance from someone in the know and someone you can trust.

But who can you trust to give you the advice that you need?

Enter our pre-property advice option, FHBA Search Assist. Complete with a tailored Property Plan and property search strategies, FHBA Search Assist gives you expert insights that you can trust to make informed decisions.

What is FHBA Search Assist?

FHBA Search Assist includes two important components that put you on track to finding your dream home sooner – the FHBA/LMW Property Plan and FHBA Search Strategies.

FHBA/LMW Property Plan

The Property Plan is a personal report prepared by our property research partner that provides recommendations and insights into where you can find affordable first home buyer homes, what type of properties you should consider in these areas, examples of suitable properties and how to go about securing your first home (that is, expert insights into what, where, how and when).

Your Property Plan is tailored based on your current situation (such as your borrowing capacity) and your goals & objectives (e.g. a big enough home for two adults, a future baby and a study). Property Plans are prepared by an independent property research team studying property markets right across the country every single day, meaning it is help you can trust to put you on the right path.

FHBA Search Strategies

Once your Property Plan has been developed, your FHBA Coach will conduct a Strategy Planning Session with you. In this session your FHBA Coach will show you way’s to go about searching and finding your ideal first home.

Hint: one of the very first things you will learn is that a fair quantity of properties that get sold are not advertised on websites such as and Domain!

How does FHBA Search Assist work?

The FHBA Search Assist process can be summarised into 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Deep Dive

    Your dedicated FHBA Coach will complete a fact find to gain a better understanding of your current situation and what you are looking for in your home

  • 2. Plan Development

    The unbiased expert research team will prepare your tailored Property Plan recommending affordable areas and property types for your first home

  • 3. Strategy Activation

    Your FHBA Coach will provide you with your Property Plan in a Strategy Planning Session which also includes planning time to find your home

  • Home Search

    With your personal Property Plan & tailored search strategies now in place, it is over to you to use this as a foundation to find your first home

Why get an FHBA/LMW Property Plan?

Regardless of where you are thinking of buying, whether you are buying as an owner occupier or as a first time investor, have a particular style of property in mind, or you are unsure about any of these factors, a Property Plan can help you and put you on the right path towards a successful first property purchase.

Find your ‘home’ location

Your Property Plan will include three recommended affordable areas including suburb insights

Find your first home

See examples of suitable properties and form a strategy to find your first home sooner

Suitable for everyone

Available anywhere in Australia, with local expert research included in your tailored Property Plan

Save time

Stop wasting time ‘searching’ online – get the ‘research’ & ‘insights’ that you need to make an informed decision

Advice you can trust

Our partnered property research team are paid by you (& only you), meaning your Property Plan is uncompromised

Cost effective

All these benefits to help you find your first home, at a fraction of the cost of a Buyers Agent

The Research Team

The ‘FHBA/LMW Property Plan’ is powered and provided by:

LMW don’t just talk about possibilities. They make them possible!

Our property research FHBA Services Community member, LMW (also known as Landmark White) – is one of Australia’s largest and most highly skilled independent property valuation and property advisory firm’s publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

LMW have provided research and advice to many thousands of homeowners across the country. With offices across Australia and with over 250 people, LMW offers a wide range of services which include residential valuations, research and property advice.

FHBA choose to have LMW as our property research member due to LMW’s expertise and vast knowledge of he Australian property market (with local insights) and because LMW are independent, allowing us to help first home buyers gain access to non-biased research, insights and recommendations they can trust.

When you order a Property Plan your FHBA Coach will work closely with a property expert from LMW to develop your tailored Plan that meets your goals and objectives.

FHBA + LMW = research you can trust to help you make informed decisions on your biggest asset purchase (your first home!)  

What will FHBA Search Assist cost me?

We work with first home buyers to help them achieve their first home dreams everyday and therefore we understand your budget is likely tight.

We have worked with LMW to ensure the fees for your independent research and insights is highly valuable for your money (and much cheaper then alternative services in the market) because we want to help first home buyers buy their first home the right way.

Further, if you use FHBA Mortgages for your home loan needs, then we will provide you with a discount on FHBA Search Assist (saving you even more!):

  • FHBA Mortgage Customers
    $990/ One Off
    This offer is available for clients using our complimentary home loan service
  • Non-FHBA Mortgage Customers
    $1,220/ One Off
    This offer is for first home buyers who already have their home loan sorted

Case Studies


Tom and Samantha are looking to buy their first home in Western Sydney. They are specifically looking to buy an established property with the following criteria:

  • Within walking distance to a train station
  • 3 bedroom freestanding house
  • Access to necessities (i.e. medical, shops & transport)
  • Budget of $700,000

The couple is unsure which suburb best fits their criteria and are worried that they would make the wrong decision by buying in an area that is not suitable for them. FHBA is already assisting the client with their home loan and has advised Tom & Samantha that their budget is $750,000 based on their deposit and income.

The couple decided to use FHBA’s pre-purchase property advice service to assist them with recommending the best areas they should look at for their first home based on the criteria mentioned. The property plan (prepared by LMW) recommended 3 suburbs that they hadn’t even thought of, it allowed them to start searching in that area and they found a property well below their budget as a result!

pre purchase advice

Case Study 2

Trevor and Jane are aspiring first home buyers who are looking to buy in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. They have earmarked Mawson Lakes, Parafield, Parafield Gardens & Paralowie as their areas of choice due to lifestyle factors and because these areas are located close to the couple’s workplace.

The couple are unsure of what property type they should be looking at, they have considered the following property options

  • Brand new townhouse (FHOG eligible)
  • Established townhouse
  • Brand new house (FHOG Eligible)
  • Established house

The couple already has their home loan pre-approval with a big 4 bank, however, they have approached FHBA to assist them in deciding which is the best property type for them in the suburbs mentioned above. The property plan (prepared by local property experts) advised which two options are their best and also showed sample properties the couple should look consider for their first home purchase

How do I get FHBA Search Assist?

Want to know more about FHBA Search Assist or perhaps you want to get started? Complete the enquiry form below to get a complimentary Discovery Session with an FHBA Coach who will go through all your service options and answer any queries you may have.

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