Pre-Purchase Property Advice

Helping you find your dream location & home

When it comes to property in Australia everyone has an opinion on what, where, how & when (what you should be purchasing, where you should be buying, how you should be doing it, when you should be doing it). But where are all these opinions coming from?

It could be from family members and friends who don’t really have any major experience or expert knowledge in these matters (except they may have purchased 1 or 2 properties in their lifetime themselves?). Or perhaps from a property or finance person trying to sell you something so they make some money?

Buying your first home is no easy thing. You have worked hard to save your deposit and you want to buy your first home successfully. So whether you are feeling a little unsure, or completely lost (or anything in between), it really makes common sense to get some expert assistance from someone in the know and someone you can trust.

But who can you trust to give you the advice that you need?

Enter our pre-property advice option, FHBA Search Assist. Complete with a tailored Property Plan and property search strategies, FHBA Search Assist gives you expert insights that you can trust to make informed decisions.