FHBA aims to raise awareness on the issue of housing affordability

While you could be forgiven for thinking this year’s federal election campaign period is boringly long, the fact is housing affordability issue is a serious issue and we need the support of our community (clients, VIP club members and social media followers) to ensure that it remains as a top election issue.

While the Labor party has recently announced some proposals to address housing affordability in the event they triumph in the election, the measures are not enough to help first home buyers. Meanwhile the Coalition have failed to announce anything to date to help first home buyers.

To kick off our attempt to have housing affordability addressed, we wrote an open letter to Malcom Turnbull and Scott Morrison that was summarised by News Corp. You can read that open letter here.

Open letter preview

3 ways you can help us raise awareness for housing affordability to be addressed:

  1. Complete our first home buyer survey – Our first home buyer survey asks questions relating to your situation (if you haven’t entered the property market yet).
  2. Sign our 5 point petition plan – As some of you may be aware, we have a 5 point plan proposal to address housing affordability.
  3. Share this article on your preferred social media page – And when you do, use the hashtag #SaveGreatAustralianDream to help raise the awareness! To show this article just click on your preferred social media buttons below.

“So far we have had more than 350 respondents to our survey. We aim to have 500 completed surveys and then send a report of the findings to the major political parties and public media” said FHBA co-founder Taj Singh.

Fellow FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen said ‘please help us raise awareness. We are doing this for every aspiring first home buyer in the country. By doing your part you are increasing the chances of a Government acting to help first home buyers.

The discount is for established housing

Taj pointed out that some State governments have recently announced policies to help first home buyers. “Tasmania & the Northern Territory Governments recently announced new measures to assist first home buyers and Queensland is set to follow suit next week. This shows if we collectively speak loudly enough, believe it or not, we can be heard”.

Any support you show (outlined in the 3 steps above) is greatly appreciated by the team at FHBA. If you can spare a few minutes to carry out all 3 steps, even better! “It won’t cost you a cent!” Daniel pointed out.

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