What impact would ending negative gearing have?

FHBA Property Market Update 27/11/17

At the 2016 Australian federal election, the Australian Labor Party promised that if they won power they would abolish negative gearing on established properties. While they marginally lost, the Labor Party still has this policy in place. With the Coalition Government looking shaky, SQM Research recently took a look at the question: what would happen if Labor won power and ended negative gearing on established housing?  

During last year’s election there was plenty of analysts looking at Labor’s proposed negative gearing reform. There was also plenty of others weighing in on the debate too: banks, politicians, developers, the real estate industry (and us too). The views, not surprisingly, varied greatly.

Now that all that ‘election noise’ is over, one of Australia’s leading property research houses, SQM Research, has decided to take a closer look at Labor’s controversial policy to abolish negative gearing for investments in established (existing) housing.

On this topic, SQM Research has released a full ‘Market Viewpoint Report’. In summary, SQM Research concluded:

  • Rent prices would likely remain stable;
  • Property prices would overall fall slightly over a 1 – 4 year period (the amount of the fall would depend on a variety of factors such as if the Reserve Bank acted in a way to offset the impact by reducing the cash rate);
  • The quantity of property listings would most likely fall

So would Labor’s policy benefit aspiring first home buyers of the present and future? If you agree with the SQM Research views, it would help future first home buyers. For example, deposit sizes required to enter the property market would fall while renting costs shouldn’t be impacted.

But one key problem with Labor’s policy is that investors would still be allowed to negative gear through new property investments. The properties that first home buyers are also encouraged to buy through the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG). We therefore agree with SQM Research that Labor should revise this policy. Negative gearing certainly needs looking at (and reducing). But this might not be the best way to alter the outdated negative gearing system.

What should be done to fix housing affordability?

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New Homes of the Week (edition 82)

Introducing our top five picks for First Home Owner Grant* (FHOG) (& FHBA 50 Rebate) eligible properties for this week. All of this week’s best properties are ‘off-the-plan’, meaning they are waiting for you to make your very own.

New home of the week State FHOG* FHBA 50 Rebate* View Property
New South Wales $10,000  ‘on enquiry’ See property
Queensland $20,000 $9,750 See property
South Australia $15,000  $5,950 See property
Victoria $20,000  $8,000 See property
Western Australia $10,000 Fr $5,300 See property

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In one word – ‘smart’

Interest Rates Update: 27/November/2017

Lenders are continuing to use different tactics to lure in customers. While the ultimate winner should be the borrowers, it can make comparing and choosing your first home loan even more tricky. While online comparison sites are a decent place to start looking, you certainly shouldn’t commit to any loan provider until you have spoken with a professional Mortgage Broker.

New hotspot in focus: ‘The Garden City’

Every fortnight we take a closer look at an area in Australia that is popular with first home buyers. Introducing our new ‘hotspot in focus’, the beautiful Toowoomba (nicknamed the ‘Garden City’) of the sunshine state (Queensland):

  • Where is Toowoomba? Toowoomba is located approximately 125km west from Brisbane CBD and is 90km from Ipswich
  • What is the median property price of Toowoomba? Houses – $350,000. Apartments – $308,000
  • What is the current population of Toowoomba? Approximately 161,000
  • Why is Toowoomba considered a hotspot for first home buyers? Click here to learn more about Toowoomba and it’s popularity

Could you see yourself living in your very own beautiful home in the Garden City?

Not interested in Toowoomba? See previous ‘hotspots in focus’ here

Capital City Property Price Movements: 27/November/2017

Updated daily, the CoreLogic Daily Home Value Index shows how property prices have been changing in our largest capital cities over the last 12 months. Over the last 3 months, Brisbane has been the second strongest performing property market out of the top 5 capital cities by population. Elsewhere, Perth is starting to improve, while Sydney has seen property values fall further.

Capital City Index Score 3 months % Change Yearly % Change
Adelaide: 113.15 + 0.0% + 3.4%
Brisbane: 109.35 + 0.4% + 2.7%
Melbourne: 157.11 + 1.9% + 10.0%
Perth: 95.44 + 0.2% – 2.7%
Sydney: 174.64 – 1.2% + 5.2%

(Source: CoreLogic)

Preliminary Weekend Auction Clearance Rates (25th – 26th of November)

(There was more than 3,400 auctions on the weekend. Source: CoreLogic)

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