WA First Home Owner Grant Increases

WA First Home Owners Grant (WA FHOG) Increased

  • As of 1 January 2017 the WA FHOG has increased 50% from $10,000 to $15,000
  • The $15,000 WA FHOG will last until 31 December 2017, then it will revert back to $10,000

Many FHBA New Homes like this one will be eligible for the increased Grant

Will I be eligible for the increased WA FHOG? 

  • The eligibility criteria for the $15,000 WA FHOG will remain the exact same as the $10,000 WA FHOG.
  • Please see our Western Australia FHOG Guide for the eligibility criteria.

How can I take advantaged of the increased WA FHOG? 

To take advantage of the $15,000 WA FHOG you will need to:

  • Meet the full FHOG eligibility criteria.
  • Enter into a contract between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 to purchase or construct a new home.
  • Apply for the WA FHOG.

At no charge to you, we, Australia’s leading first home buyer specialists, are helping Western Australian first home buyers purchase your first home and take advantage of the increased FHOG in 0217. We, along with our service partners, can assist you:

  1. Determine your borrowing capacity
  2. Help you compare home loans and apply for the finance
  3. Help you find your FHOG eligible home, whether you are after a unit, townhouse or house & land option.
  4. Assist you apply for the $15,000 Grant.

To start this process now simply complete a ‘Speak to an FHBA Coach’ enquiry form:


Other Changes

KeyStart Home Loans, an initiative of the Western Australian government, provides affordable home loans to households with low incomes to assist them enter the property market. As of January 1 2017, the eligibility income limits (caps) have increased by $20,000. The new income caps are:

  • Single: $90,000
  • Couples: $115,000
  • Family: $135,000

For more details regarding KeyStart Home Loans and home loan finance you should speak to an FHBA Mortgage Broker.

I’m not from Western Australia. What about my State? 

The $5,000 FHOG increase only applies to Western Australia. To find out what your state FHOG currently is please visit our FHOG Info Hub.

Gallery: FHBA New Homes in Western Australia

To search through a range of FHOG eligible homes visit FHBA New Homes right here on FHBA.com.au.

Register for a free phone appointment with an FHBA Coach today. During your cost & obligation free appointment, your FHBA Coach will:

  • Discuss how close you are to a deposit
  • Discuss what type of property do you want to buy
  • Discuss the WA FHOG
  • Answer your questions
  • Book you in for a complimentary meeting with an FHBA Broker to assess your home loan borrowing capacity (optional)
  • Book you in for a complimentary meeting with an FHBA New Homes expert to help you explore a range of WA FHOG eligible properties (optional)

Disclaimer: FHBA recommends you should with a licensed professional about your circumstances to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for any Government assistance. FHBA does not recommend you make any financial, property or investment decision based solely on Government assistance.

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