To buy now or wait? That is the question

FHBA Weekend Preview: 25 – 26 March 2017

HOUSING affordability is in the news daily right now. Every day we are reading in the news about the latest property prices, how hard it is for first home buyers, what the government should be doing about it, and so on & so forth.

There are also a lot of talks about whether property prices will keep rising, or whether they are at risk at falling.

So how do you make a decision whether to buy or not as a first home buyer, with all this noise and uncertainty about?

“We recommend you seek expert advice” says FHBA co-founder Taj Singh. “While it’s good to be aware of what is happening and what is being said in the news, you can’t always believe what you read. Some publications publish multiple property stories a day, and in any given day they could be a story stating property prices are about to fall, while a separate story could be saying property prices are about to rise. The truth is no one can say what will happen with 100% certainty, every single time, in every single location around Australia”.

Expert advice can be obtained to answer many questions though, such as current property market conditions, what’s going on in different locations and what legislation currently exists that can impact you, amongst other factors said fellow FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen. “You shouldn’t see expert advice as providing you with the direct answer, but rather, providing you with accurate information, relevant to you, so that you can make an informed decision”.

“We run weekly market updates and weekend previews for the purpose of providing first home buyers with some free, helpful insights into what’s going on at the moment, in case you are deciding now is the time to buy. You may find it a great starting reference point, but you should always weigh up your options and consider your circumstances” explained Daniel.

“And as boring as it sounds, seek professional advice. Your first home is your biggest asset after all” added Daniel.

For those looking to buy at the moment, or simply taking a sticky beck right now, there are plenty of auctions around this weekend, 2979 of them according to CoreLogic.  Here is a summary of the capital city auction activity for this weekend:

Want to know more about this weekend’s auction activity? Visit the CoreLogic blog.

Good luck to all first home buyers this weekend.

First home buyer homes of the week – ed. 47

This week’s edition of FHBA New Homes of the Week (edition 47) features 5 First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) eligible homes with construction due to be completed in 2017. Interested in any of the homes you see? Simply complete an enquiry form this weekend and one of our FHBA Coach’s will be in touch to answer your queries.

Friday News Review

These are the top stories that affected first home buyers across Australia this week:

Loan Pre-Approval

Planning on going house hunting now but don’t know whether a bank will lend you enough funds to buy your first home yet? You should get a no obligation loan pre-approval.

A loan pre-approval provides you with a written guidance of how much a particular bank is willing to lend to you. Loan pre-approvals come with no obligations to proceed, leaving you in control and importantly, attending open homes knowing what your borrowing capacity and budget is.

To organise a no cost loan pre-approval speak to an FHBA Broker from FHBA Mortgages today

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