First home buyers – beware of those ‘advertising’ to you

FHBA Market Update: 18/September/2017

In today’s FHBA Property Market Update we take a look at how you can’t always trust those marketing to first home buyers (including Australia’s big banks!); the risks associated with a 5% deposit; why first home buyer activity is up; our latest favourite properties for first home buyers; the latest property prices around the country; our new popular hotspot with first-timers and how to finance an ‘off-the-plan’ purchase. 

With rising first home buyer activity being reported in recent months (largely thanks to increases in government benefits for first home buyers in some of Australia’s eastern states), increasingly business’s (in particular property developers and banks) are advertising directly to first home buyers.

Advertising (containing unique & powerful messaging) to certain market segments is nothing new. But you do need to be aware of what is really going on and what your options are. For example, banks make money no matter whom they lend to, whether it be a first home buyer, a second home buyer, an investor, or someone else. Likewise, property developers make money regardless of whom they sell their properties too. Generally, it is in their interests that you ‘buy now’ rather than saver longer.

Most people make ‘buy’ decisions based on emotion. Companies with big advertising budgets (such as banks and property developers) will naturally play to this.

This doesn’t mean what they offer is necessarily bad for first home buyers. But it doesn’t mean what they offer is necessarily good for you either. You need to weigh up what is on offer versus your other options.

Of course when it comes to helping first home buyers, we claim to be the best. Yes, we could be just a tad biased, but let us point out the facts so you can decide for yourself:

  1. We are exclusively helping first home buyers everyday (we don’t market to any other customer type);
  2. We can help first home buyers with any property type, in any condition, in any location;
  3. We can help first home buyers compare and choose finance options from literally hundreds of options from more than 30 banks and lenders;
  4. We can help first home buyers anywhere, at anytime;
  5. We offer first home buyers the exclusive (FHBA clients only) FHBA 50 Rebate on top of any government benefits such as the First Home Owners Grant (which we can also advise you on, and help you obtain your eligible entitlements).

Do you find the First Home Owners Grant and or stamp duty concessions useful? Only FHBA clients can also receive a first home buyer rebate (called the FHBA 50 rebate) on top! See how

At FHBA we encourage all first home buyers across the country to compare your options and don’t get sucked in by a simple yet effective expensive advertising campaign.

How do you avoid getting persuade by high impact advertising and cunning salespeople?

The best way is to ask yourself this simple question when someone presents to you a product or service: “is this in my best interests (is this suitable for me), or are they just trying to sell it to me for commission”?

Your first home is likely to be your biggest asset / investment to date. Be wise and put yourself first.

Want to know more about how FHBA helps Australia first home buyers achieve the great Australian dream of home ownership every day? Visit our speak to a coach page to organise a free Discovery Session.

Enjoy the rest of your weekly FHBA Property Market Update.

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New hotspot in focus: Logan (Queensland)

Every fortnight we take a closer look at an area in Australia that is popular with first home buyers. Our new hotspot in focus is the popular region of Logan in South East Queensland:

  • Logan is an area growing in popularity with first home buyers thanks to the location, the local lifestyle, the climate and the price of housing
  • Residents of Logan can drive to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Ipswich all within an hour, plus there are public transport options as well
  • Learn other reasons why the population of Logan is rising and check out whether it is an area you can afford to buy in here

Logan is home to a range of Grant eligible properties like this one above

Capital City Property Price Movements: 18/September/2017

Updated daily, the CoreLogic Daily Home Value Index show’s how property prices have been changing in our largest capital cities over the last 12 months. Last week CoreLogic gave the Index an overhaul “using update methodologies and processes to provide insights into housing market conditions across the regions of Australia”. The enhanced Index is “designed to measure pure returns and exclude value add from capital works (such as renovations)” according to the CoreLogic website. As of last week we are reporting the new index figures and will continue to do so every week.

Capital City Index Score Qtr on Qtr

% Change

Yr on Yr

% Change

Adelaide: 113.27 + 0.3% + 5.2%
Brisbane: 109.09 +0.3% + 3.6%
Melbourne: 154.97 + 1.9% + 12.2%
Perth: 95.08 – 1.6% – 2.8%
Sydney: 176.88 + 0.1% + 11.5%

(Source: CoreLogic)

Interest Rates Update: 18/September/2017

Following the last board meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the cash rate is still sitting at a record low of 1.50%.

New Homes of the Week (edition 72)

Below are our top picks for First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) (& FHBA 50 Rebate) eligible properties this week! All the homes are affordably priced for aspiring first home buyers. Please note, we can help you compare hundreds of new property options from different a large variety of property developers and agencies – get in contact with us so we can help you with your search to find something ‘you’.

New South Wales new home of the week

Queensland new home of the week

South Australia new home of the week

Victoria new home of the week

Western Australia new home of the week

This lovely 4 bedroom house & land package in Perth is eligible for the First Home Owners Grant ($10,000), the FHBA 50 Rebate ($5,750) and $0 stamp duty is payable – check it out!

Preliminary Weekend Auction Clearance Rates (16 – 17 September 2017)

(Source: CoreLogic)

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