FHBA unveils useful checklists & guides for First Home Buyers

Since the launch of our website in December 2015, our audience/followers have given us a wide range of feedback. Some common questions have been:

  • What are the hidden costs associated with purchasing my first home?
  • What should I look for in a property when I am inspecting my potential first homes?

There is a lot to consider and think about when buying your first home. It is a long process and there are a lot of things you need to remember, which can be quite overwhelming. To help you with different parts of the first home buyer journey, we have created some easy-to-use free checklists that you can follow. You can use them at your leisure to make sure you have thought of the typical main steps and compare notes from different open houses etc. The free downloads are also print friendly!


Feel free to browse the below checklists now:

There is much to consider when buying a dwelling in a multiple-complex building. It is important to consider the Strata and the number of units in the complex. This checklist will allow you to check and compare up to 3 apartments/units to assist you with your first home hunt!

Auctions have become a more common method of property sales recently. Bidding at auction can be quite overwhelming. This checklist will help you ensure you are ready before the auction and at the auction, so you know what to expect and can bid with confidence!

We have developed this checklist for the purpose of assisting first home buyers thoroughly inspect and give a self-assessed rating to each feature of the property. The property with the highest score will give you a clue as to which home has more of the desirable features that are important to you.

There are more costs associated with buying your first home other than just the property purchase price. We have prepared this tool which will allow you to estimate the total pre-purchase, legal, finance, settlement and post-purchase costs, allowing you to be financially ready & prepared.

If you are comparing different lenders for your first home loan, then this checklist is for you. It will guide you through most of the key features first home buyers should be comparing and it will also assist you in differentiating the different home loan products.

Hunting for your first rental home can be quite a tricky process. For those who are renting, our renting checklist is designed to ensure you cover all the main points when renting for your first time. It guides you through preparing for the rental inspections, what happens at the inspection and what you need to do after the inspection.

For your State’s Tenancy Guide/Fact Sheet, please click here

FHBA are currently working on more exciting and fun enhancements to help first home buyers through the property journey. Stay tuned as we start to role these features and services out over the remaining months of 2016!


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