Where Can I Find Quality Data in a Hurry?

First home buyers often have to buy their first home in a different area to the area they grew up in. Usually due to affordability reasons. Yet many first home buyers know very little about the areas they are considering moving too, other than current approximate property prices from real estate websites and what results come up on Google searches.

It is important that a first home buyer knows more than just pricing information about an area they are thinking about buying in according to FHBA co-founder Taj Singh. “Many first home buyers buy their first home as a long term purchase, somewhere they can raise their families.  First home buyers should do more research on the areas they are considering buying in, as buying a home is usually both a large and long term investment”.

Recently when searching the internet for different types of free housing data and suburb data we came across Microburbs and their recently released internet app Nation Master.


“Property seekers can usually spend hours researching council reports, government reports, planning and zoning data, local school performances and more” said FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen. “What we like about Microburbs is that is gathers all this information and more. They display this information on one place in an easy to follow and understand display. It’s simply brilliant” praised Daniel.

Microburbs founder Luke Metcalfe told us he created Microburbs because “I wanted one site you could go to get a full report, including all the information that may influence your decision about where to buy a property. There’s data buried in lots of places that take some digging – we make all we can accessible for home buyers. It lets you know what your neighbours will be like (not just the suburb), what kind of amenities are nearby and it also warns you about blackspots for internet, crime, poverty etc”.


Some of the areas Microburbs provides data on include:

  • Property details, including land values, property boundaries, previous sale prices
  • Transportation times
  • Lifestyle quality, such as nearby eating venues
  • Density rates
  • School NAPLAN ranks
  • Local amenities
  • Cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds of residents
  • Typical occupations and wages of locals

Over the coming months we will be working with Microburbs to present relevant data and stories that are important to aspiring first home buyers. Stay tuned by liking us on our Facebook page.

If you can’t wait, why not try searching through this free data yourself now at www.microburbs.com.au.


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