What steps do I need to take to buy my first home?

Once a first home buyer has saved a deposit and found a home they would like to put an offer in for, there are two common problems first timers face:

  1. What steps do I need to do to purchase a desired home successfully?
  2. Who can I trust for the help and advice I need?

These are fair questions for anyone, but in particular a first home buyer, as they haven’t done it before. To help first home buyers through all the steps successfully, we have created a new service which we is complimentary for FHBA Mortgages clients. Introducing FHBA Concierge.

FHBA Concierge connects first home buyers with services they need, every step of the way

FHBA Concierge is a unique service dedicated to first home buyers. FHBA co-founder Taj Singh explained “essentially, a first home buyer can call us and tell us what problem they are facing with their first home acquisition. Based on their circumstances and location, we will then recommend a licensed professional who can assist them”.

VIC 08 JUNENew or established? Either way FHBA Concierge can help you

FHBA Concierge can connect first home buyers with a range of reputable service providers to help them with the different steps of buying your first home. The main areas include:

  • Property search finders – new & established homes, these experts will stay with you all the way through to settlement
  • Conveyancing + Strata reviews – make sure the contract(s) are safe to sign
  • Building & Pest inspections – make sure there are no hidden ‘nasty’s’ behind the walls
  • Removalists – to help you move your furniture safely
  • Utilities – we can assist you organise quotes & installation of services you will need for your first home, such electricity & broadband providers
  • Protection & security services – our team can assist you organise quotes to get protected, everything from home security, to insurance and even Wills

All service providers are part of our FHBA Services Community. Members of the FHBA Services Community must meet a strict criteria to ensure they are qualified and appropriate to help first home buyers. This means you know that you can trust the recommendations of FHBA Concierge (rather then the alternative of Googling a topic, finding 20 + different service providers and not know which one to pick).

“The FHBA Services Community have assisted hundreds of successful first home buyers in the past. Our new exclusive service will save the first home buyer the dilemma of not knowing who to go to for help at every step of the process, not knowing who to trust and not knowing how much to pay for different services as well” fellow FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen said.

Are you looking to buy your first home? Start now with a complimentary consultation with an FHBA Mortgage Broker. Simply complete the form below or visit our FHBA Mortgages page for more info.

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