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Hello and welcome to First Home Buyers Australia (FHBA) brand new website. Are you saving for your first property purchase? Or maybe you are looking to start renting for the first time? If so then www.fhba.com.au is the website for you.

We are here to help buyer’s and renter’s with every step of the journey…from the moment you choose to save for your property, through to pre-finance, searching, settling, moving in and getting protected, you will find tips, tools and services that can assist your concerns and questions.

So where to start?

Well, saving is the best place to start. It goes without saying that housing and renting in Australia doesn’t come cheap! You should have a strong financial position behind you if you are going to get your own property. On our website you will find Savings Tips, a Budget Planner so you can plan ahead, and comparisons of some of the highest interest savings accounts in Australia. In fact we have all sorts of tools……..and secrets!

Launching very soon we will also have our very own property search tool that you can use to find properties that meet your search criteria. We know first home buyers and first time renters budgets are usually strict, so therefore, to ensure you will find the more affordable homes in Australia on our website, we have restricted property advertisements to those under $1,100,000 in expected sell price and rental properties under $1,500 per week.

If you are looking for a property that is eligible for the government’s first home owners grant (FHOG), our Brand New Homes section (launching very soon) will provide suggestions of properties that are most likely to meet the FHOG criteria. This section will be mostly made up of brand new apartments and house & land packages that are under the value of the particular State government incentives that the new property is located in. Of course you have to check with the government to be absolutely certain.

Looking for a property to buy or rent can be a lengthy process, with plenty of hurdles. Our goal is to provide you with helpful content along the way and point you in the right direction when you need it most. If you are currently saving, renting or looking to buy why not sign up to our FHBA Club. It is packed with features to help you with your property journey (buying or renting).


Where to now?

We have partnered up with some of Australia’s leading brands who can provide you with various services you may require. We call this our FHBA Services Community. You can trust our FHBA Services Community to help you with your various property needs as they are experienced Australian experts in their fields. We in particular think if you are searching to buy now, then a buyers advocate might help you with finding your first property.

If you want to know more about us and our co-founders please visit the About Us section.

Please visit our News section regularly for the latest news and tips.

Should you have any feedback on our website please Contact Us……..we would love to hear from you!

We look forward to helping younger generations get into their own property for decades to come…starting from NOW 🙂

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Please note our website is in no shape or form designed to replace the need to obtain professional advice from experts such as Financial Planners. All information on our website is general & factual in nature, and should not be relied upon. Please visit our website’s Terms & Conditions for more information.

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