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Our website, which covers the entire journey for first home buyers, is only 7 months old. Yet it is already time for a revamp, with a fresh new look.

We have helped many aspiring first home buyers better save for and purchase their first home since launching in December 2015. We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback we have received on all fronts to date.

FHBA aim’s to become the ‘premier’ organisation for first home buyers. We want to excel in assisting first home buyers around the country through the entire property process, together with the help of our excellent FHBA Services Community (community of services who excel in helping first home buyers successfully purchase their first property).

The key characteristic that sets us apart from other service  providers is that our sole purpose is to help aspiring first home buyers. For example we don’t provide services for investors and retirees. We don’t represent anyone else. Just the interests of first home buyers.

Help Us Help You

We have decided to give our young website a makeover in order to make it even more user friendly, interactive and helpful for aspiring first home buyers across Australia. After all we can only be the premier organisation if we have the services & information that aspiring first home buyers most dearly need (& can access), to achieve the #GreatAustralianDream of home ownership.

To help us develop the best website & services for you possible we need your help. We need to know what you want! There are two quick & easy steps that will take about 7 mins of your time that will contribute to us making and delivering the best property services for you:

1 – Complete our new survey by clicking the image below so we can get a better understanding of what aspiring first home buyers need most assistance with and what you would like to see on our new look website & services.



2 – Help us help more! While we really want to help you achieve your Great Australian Dream (that’s the purpose of our existence) we also want to help your family and friends who are also saving for or ready to buy their Great Australian Dream. Please share this page on your preferred social media channel by clicking on one of the icons at the bottom to help us reach more aspiring first home owners!

We have some exciting new services we are working on for first home buyers. This includes a ‘deposit savings program’. By completing the survey you can enter to win a free deposit savings program for one year (valued at $348). More details will be disclosed closer to the launch date later in the year.

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