First home incentives extended for Tasmanian first home buyers

The Hodgman Liberal Government has continued to show its strong support for the building and construction industry, by encouraging more dwelling construction so more Tasmanians can be in a position to own their own home.

The Government has delivered continued incentives for first home buyers in Tasmania, by announcing the following policy extensions:

  • 50% Stamp Duty discount for first home buyers purchasing property worth up to $400,000 continued until 30 June 2020, a saving of up to $7,000
  • An extension of the boosted first home builders’ grant of $20,000 until 30 June 2020, encouraging more houses to be built
  • 50% Stamp Duty discount for seniors downsizing to a home that is more suited to their requirements, saving $7,000 and freeing up supply for first home buyers

If you would like to see what is available to Tasmanian first home buyers currently, please click here

Below we take a look at the Stamp Duty discount and extension of the FHOG in more detail:

50% Stamp Duty Discount

Previously, Tasmania & South Australia were Australia’s only two states that haven’t delivered any stamp duty concessions/exemptions for first home buyers. The good news for Tasmanian first home buyers in this budget is that they are set to receive the benefit of saving on their Stamp Duty costs from 01 July 2018, which is added to a first home buyer’s minimum deposit requirement. The key features include:

  • Available for the purchase of established homes
  • Available for purchases that settle between 07 Feb 2018 to 30 June 2020 – if our property settled within this period you can apply for a refund retrospectively directly with the Tasmanian SRO
  • 50% discount for properties valued up to $400,000
  • Set to benefit a large proportion of first home buyers as a great number of suburbs have a median price below $400,000 in the state of Tasmania
  • First home buyers can save up to a maximum of $7,000 in Stamp Duty costs.

TAS Stamp Duty

Hobart’s first home buyers are set to benefit from the Tasmanian Budget in 2018/19

How much can first home buyers save by receiving the Stamp Duty discount?

Purchase Price Full Stamp Duty Stamp Duty Discount New Stamp duty
$200,000 $5,935 $2967.50 $2,967.50
$250,000 $7,935 $3,967.50 $3,967.50
$300,000 $9,935 $4,967.50 $4,967.50
$350,000 $11,935 $5,967.50 $5,967.50
$400,000 $13,997.50 $7,000 $6,997.50
$401,000 $14,040 $0 $14,040

As we can see from the above table, first home buyer purchasing an established home will be eligible for the discounts, providing some much-needed relief in particular for those wanting to buy pre-existing homes.

$20,000 FHOG Extension for another 12 months

The Tasmanian Government also announced in the 2019-20 State Budget the extension of the $20 000 FHOG/Builders Boost for eligible first home owners, for the buying or building a brand new home. The extension of the scheme means that the $20 000 payment will be available for eligible transactions up to and including 30 June 2020.

For eligible transactions entered into from 01 July 2020 onwards, the grant amount will be reduced to $10 000.

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This policy announcement’s aim is to encourage the construction of more homes, which may have the following impacts:

  • Create more job opportunities in the construction industry, lowering the unemployment rate
  • Increasing supply in a booming Tasmanian housing market where there is a lack of supply in some areas
  • Allow first home buyers to receive much-needed assistance as they can use the FHOG as part of their deposit
  • Assists future first home buyers as more supply may limit house price gains

How can I take advantage of the new TAS Government initiatives?

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