FHBA New Homes of the Week: 14 September 2016 (Edition 27)

We have recently received a few enquiries relating to ‘Rentvesting’. For this week’s edition of FHBA New Homes of the Week we showcase our top ‘Rentvesting’ options that aspiring first home buyers may consider as a means of stepping onto the home ownership ladder.

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What is Rentvesting?

Whilst the Great Australian Dream is to buy your ‘own’ home, market conditions in some places across Australia has resulted in the emergence of Rentvesting. This strategy involves buying a property you can afford as an investment property, while you rent a home in an area that you can both afford and want to live in at the current time.

For example, say you want to buy a three-bedroom home in Melbourne’s inner ring, but the house prices in the area mean these homes are out of your reach (budget). Rentvesting may allow you to rent the ideal property you want to live in right now, while you also buy a property in a suburb where prices are more affordable and rent this out (as an investment property).

Rentvesting also allows you to take advantage of the generous tax concessions/incentives available for property investors, however it may also mean you are not eligible for any first home buyer grants & concessions. We recommend you seek professional advice before carrying out any investment activities, including Rentvesting.

  • Below are 5 great Rentvesting Opportunities offering returns beyond the average home loan interest rate at the moment
  • We have highlighted the location & the estimated monthly rental income vs the monthly home loan repayments (assuming a 10% deposit + LMI has been paid, with the home loan interest at 4%)
  • If you like any of the homes you see, simply complete an enquiry form below each image and one of our New Home Experts will be in contact with you, for your complimentary, no obligation consultation to discuss that opportunity (+ other potential options) with you


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Here’s our top 5 ‘Rentvesting’ FHBA New Homes of The Week for 14 September 2016:

Queensland – Riverview


  • Price: $423,000
  • Estimated Monthly Rental Income: $2,080
  • Estimated Monthly Home Loan Repayments (Principal & Interest): $1,817
  • Estimated Rental Return Yield: 5.9%
  • Registration of Title: Already Registered
  • Why is it our favourite: Just 15 minutes to Ipswich CBD, 30 minutes to Brisbane CBD and International Airport, 1 hour to the Gold Coast. These homes are also easily accessible to the region’s motorways and schools.

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New South Wales – North Rothbury


  • Price: $452,200
  • Estimated Monthly Rental Income: $2,037
  • Estimated Monthly Home Loan Repayments (Principal & Interest): $1,943
  • Estimated Rental Return Yield: 5.4%
  • Registration of Title: Already Registered
  • Why is it our favourite: Set in the picturesque Hunter Valley, with world-famous tourist attractions on the doorstep and the conveniences of a connected urban life in easy reach.This premium master-planned community is twenty minutes from major regional centres and is expected to cater for 20,000 people over the next few decades.

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Victoria – Clyde


  • Price: $477,100
  • Estimated Monthly Rental Income: $2,387
  • Estimated Monthly Home Loan Repayments (Principal & Interest): $2,050
  • Estimated Rental Return Yield Average: 6.1%
  • Registration of Title: December 2016
  • Why is it our favourite: The estate is studded with parkland and wetland spaces totalling over 3.7 hectares of open space and nestled amongst rolling hills, taking advantage of current infrastructure the estate will draw on the potential to come with new shopping centres, schools and railway stations to come.

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South Australia – Paralowie


  • Price: $389,850
  • Estimate Monthly Rental Income: $1,850
  • Estimate Monthly Home Loan Repayments (Principal & Interest): $1,675
  • Estimate Rental Return Yield Average: 5.7%
  • Registration of Title: Already registered
  • Why is it our favourite: Located just 28 mins from Adelaide’s CBD with adjacent parks and dedicated reserves it’s perfect for walks and bike rides. Situated in the heart of Paralowie and within close proximity of schools, shopping amenities and sporting clubs.

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  • Price: $398,500
  • Estimate Monthly Rental Income: $1,824
  • Estimate Monthly Home Loan Repayments (Principal & Interest): $1,712
  • Estimate Rental Return Yield Average: 5.49%
  • Registration of Title: Current Under Construction
  • Why is it our favourite: Located just 11km’s from the Brisbane CBD with architecturally designed living environments combined with exceptional master planning and abundant open space.

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