Do I need to build a home to get the First Home Owners Grant? – Myth Busted!


To receive the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) you must build a house (or townhouse) on some vacant land, or purchase a new apartment off-the-plan.

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Hint: You may not have to build a property to receive the First Home Owners Grant – read on!

Myth Busted

While these options in this myth above are ways you can get the FHOG (providing you have met other eligibility criteria), they are not the only ways to receive the FHOG.

FHOG eligibility rules are different in every state and territory. One common FHOG eligibility rule is that a property must be considered ‘new’ (or in some cases, ‘substantially renovated’). Of course, the property must also fall under the relevant FHOG threshold and the person(s) acquiring the property must meet all other eligibility criteria. But what we want to focus on in this blog is the definition of ‘new’ and how this busts the common myth above.

The definition of new varies slightly from state-to-state, but in general terms a new home is considered to be a residential property that “no one has lived in before”. So in regard to this myth, constructing a new property or purchasing an apartment that hasn’t even been built yet (i.e. off-the-plan) certainly meets the definition of being new.

However, there are other alternative examples of new properties.

At FHBA we find that many first home buyers just don’t feel quite comfortable constructing a property or purchasing off-the-plan. While there are benefits in doing so, there are also risks that turn some first timers off entering the property market this way.

Now for the busting of the myth.

There is an option that we see many first home buyers not considering when entering the property market – buying a new home that is already constructed – and receive the FHOG. That’s right, you don’t have to construct a property in order to receive the FHOG. You may come across projects (houses, townhouses, apartments, etc) where construction is already completed but no one has yet lived in them and therefore, they meet the definition of being new for the purpose of obtaining the FHOG.

Entering the property market this way can be a method for receiving the FHOG while avoiding many of the risks associated with buying off-the-plan or constructing your own house.

Properties already constructed, like this one in Brisbane, can be eligible for the Grant

Where can I find these completed Grant properties? 

Whether you are looking for a recently constructed FHOG eligible house, townhouse or apartment, or you are looking to build a house, or even buy an apartment off-the-plan, FHBA can help.

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