Do Gen Y know how to compromise?

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Generation Y continue to be criticised, both in society and in the media, for being ‘lazy’, having ‘unrealistic dreams’ (i.e. wanting it all, now), ‘not saving hard enough’ and ‘whining’ about their problems to much.

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FHBA co-founders Daniel Cohen & Taj Singh have both defended Gen Y in the media this week

Only yesterday morning we posted a blog about FHBA co-founder Taj Singh’s interview with the Australian Broker regarding falling first home buyer numbers. In the interview Taj defended struggling first home buyers saying that the reality is that the current generation has never had it harder and that is why first home buyer numbers are falling (not because Gen Y are bad at saving or have unrealistic dreams). To read this story please click here.

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Are #GenY selfish? @fhba_com_au co-founder @TajSingh90 has his say in the @broker_news: #FHBA #Ausproperty

Later yesterday evening fellow FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen spoke to the Australian Financial Review about a myth that Gen Y is unable to compromise. Daniel explained that while Gen Y do start with high goals, dreams and aspirations (thanks to technology showing the possibilities and Gen Y being built up in a world where the baby boomers are achieving so much), there is evidence to suggest that Gen Y know how to comprise when it comes crunch time.

“There is a perception that Gen Y want everything and won’t compromise, but I think they tend to start off by wanting everything [and] when they realise its not possible, they do cut back until they can find what they can afford” Daniel told the AFR.

“FHBA will not let cheap trash talk about Gen Y, which is usually based on myths, distract the need for more assistance to help first home buyers into the housing market” Daniel went on to say.

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