Now you are probably stressing over new problems: How do I organise my big move? How do I get my new home setup with electricity & internet? What about insurance? Is there anything I’m missing??

Eek…settlement is just around the corner! HELP!

Moving into your first home should be an exciting & enjoyable moment. And thanks to FHBA, it can be!

Once you have purchased your first home we can help you with moving in! We are with you the whole way, right until you’ve got the keys, the furniture is in, your feet are up on the couch while you watch Foxtel in your new home for the first time, all while knowing your protected if anything goes wrong. Find out how.


There is a lot to consider before moving in. Whilst you should enjoy this life changing experience, it is important that you consider how you will move your furniture and organise the services you will need, so you can move in comfortably and start enjoying the more fun stuff like decorating, cooking your first meal, and……putting your feet up in your very own home!


You have just bought your first home and you know that based on your current income, you can afford your home loan repayments.

But what happens if you (or your spouse) lose your income? What if your house is damaged in a storm? What if you or your spouse was injured in a car accident?

Sometimes in life things just don’t quite go to plan. Sometimes, the unfortunate can happen when we less expect it.

Fortunately, there are numerous tools that we can use to protect ourselves & our family home certain events.

You don’t have to be protected. But would you prefer to live your life feeling secure and protected? Or living your life knowing that you don’t have a safety net to fall back on?


Are you still searching for your first home?

Whether your looking for house or unit, a newly built or existing place, let our team help you buy your first home.

Learn why we are Australia’s leading first home buyer experts….and most importantly, how we can help you buy your dream first home.