More help for NT first home buyers is coming

On Saturday at the Northern Territory election, the Territory Labor party (lead by Michael Gunner) defeated, or rather smashed, all opposition, including the Country Liberal party.

Michael Gunner has promised a new first home buyer scheme to assist those first home buyers in the Northern Territory looking to purchase an established home. Measures he has promised include:

  • No stamp duty on established homes up to $500,000 (purchase value)
  • Stamp duty concessions on established homes between $500,000 & $650,000 (purchase value)
  • A $10 000 Grant for first home buyers of existing properties for renovations, including $2000 of these funds available for purchase of household goods.

Labor plan to make this scheme run for two years, commencing the 1st of September this year. We will keep you posted on the details.

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