Let FHBA Connect help you move into your beautiful First Home

Moving home can be an absolute nightmare for most people, whether you are renting or buying. The amount of organising that needs to be done often leads people to feel lost and unsure where to start. This is why FHBA have linked up with Movinghub to create FHBA Connect, a free moving service aimed to make moving home easier with one phone call.   

What we offer?

FHBA Connect [powered by Movinghub], provides first home buyers & first time renters with a free Movologist, who will help you organise your move (such as utilities, internet coverage, removalists etc) and be available to you throughout your move should you need further assistance.

Your Movologist, who understands what needs to be organised in your move (so you don’t forget anything), will recommend leading utility and service providers who can make your move a seamless process.

Perhaps what’s best of all, FHBA Connect is FREE of charge. You don’t pay us a cent to help you with you move, as we are paid by the providers you choose. You always remain in control, choosing what you want and your Movologist will help make it happen.

All quotes are obligation free.


How it Works?

This is the best bit, because we get to tell you how easy FHBA Connect is to use! Basically it is as simple as one phone call.

1st step (Short application form)

The first step is to simply complete one of the forms found on our website based on a service area you would like to know your options for:

  • Telephone & Internet Installation
  • TV Installation (Pay TV)
  • Home Automation
  • Complete FHBA Connect Service

2nd step (The phone call with a Movologist)

The second step involves a Movologist calling you:

  • You tell the Movologist what services you need assistance with
  • The Movologist will tell you about the latest deals & offers for the services you require, providing you with some no obligation quotes
  • You select what connections & services you would like
  • The Movologist will confirm with you importation information, including the moving to and from addresses, connection & disconnection dates etc
  • The Movologist will then pass on your details from your application to the providers you selected
  • At the end of the phone call you will receive an email and SMS confirmation confirming the services you selected for your records
  • Please note the providers you selected may contact you directly after this should they require further details from you to complete the connection or service you ordered

Areas FHBA Connect can help with

Moving home, whether you are renting or buying requires many different things to be synchronised to ensure the move is smooth and hassle free. It is important not to miss a beat, otherwise the repercussions could be inconvenient. This is why FHBA Connect offers a broad range of home services to enable us to assist you with all you could possibly need when you move into to your first home.

FHBA Connect can offer you a range of no obligation quotes for the following services should you request them:

  • Gas and/or Electricity
  • Telephone & Broadband connection
  • Removalists
  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Pay TV connection
  • Home Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Locksmiths
  • Insurance
  • Truck Hire
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance

Our Partners

FHBA Connect (Powered by Movinghub) takes pride in providing their clients with great customer service and options. That is why we are partnered with leading providers when it comes to moving home services:

Electricity & Gas: These retailers are used & trusted energy companies that service most Australian homes and offer you competitive rates, plans and incentives when you join them.

  • Origin Energy
  • Red Energy
  • Lumo Energy
  • Online Power & Gas

Pay TV & Broadband: We are partnered with some of the top Australian providers in this area

  • iiNet
  • Foxtel
  • Stan

Storage & Packaging: Storage when you move can also be very helpful especially if you don’t need all of your items straight away.

  • Finishing Touch
  • eMoving
  • The Box Rental Company
  • Hire a Box
  • Storage King
  • Jim’s storage

This is just some of the leading brands FHBA Connect work with to provide first home buyers & first time renters great deals on all your moving needs. FHBA Connect’s partnered services are always growing too.

“Moving into your first home should be a fun and exciting experience, not something that you dread” said FHBA Co-founder Daniel Cohen.

“Remember FHBA Connect is a free, no obligation service, so make moving into your first home easier with us” said fellow FHBA Co-founder Taj Singh.

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