FHBA Weekend Preview: It’s already February

FHBA Weekend Preview: 04 – 05 February 2017

Can you believe it is already February? The last month of summer is upon us and the best beach day’s are numbered. But what does February mean for the property market?

“January is a messy month in real estate. People go away and there are public holidays. February is considered more normal as less people are on holiday’s and there are no public holiday’s. Each weekend should see, based on historical activity, an increase in open homes and auctions” said FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen.

According to CoreLogic RP Data there are more than 800 auctions scheduled for this weekend, including:

  • Melbourne – 248
  • Sydney – 224
  • Adelaide – 133
  • Brisbane – 93
  • Canberra – 63
  • Perth – 32

To see the full CoreLogic RP Data auction preview visit the CoreLogic RP Data blog.

First home buyer homes of the week

Buying your first home as a single person? This can be tough. Really tough. This week’s edition of FHBA New Homes of the Week featured 5 homes that could be great for single people. Some properties have multiple bedrooms, but remember, you can always find a flat-mate for that spare room!

Here are this week’s first home buyer homes of the week:

Loan Pre-Approval

Planning on going house hunting but don’t know whether a bank will lend you enough funds to buy your first home yet? You should get a no obligation loan pre-approval.

A loan pre-approval provides you with a written guidance of home much a particular bank is willing to lend to you. Loan pre-approvals come with no obligations to proceed, leaving you in control and importantly, attending open homes knowing what your borrowing capacity and budget is.

To organise a no charge loan pre-approval speak to an FHBA Broker from FHBA Mortgages today

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