FHBA Open Day: Free Consultation with an FHBA Co-founder!

Since launch in December 2015, First Home Buyers Australia & our FHBA Services Community has helped many aspiring first home buyers achieve their Great Australian Dream of home ownership.

We have also received plenty of feedback, both directly and through our feedback survey. The most common feedback we have received has been:

  1. Thank you for helping first home buyers. It’s about time someone looks out for first home buyers.
  2. I’m a little confused, what exactly do you do that helps first home buyers?

To the first feedback point, we say thank you. FHBA co-founder Taj Singh said “we are proud to be Australia’s first home buyer specialists. We plan to continue to do all that we possibly can to help first home buyers achieve the Great Australian Dream”.

To the second point, Taj added “we appreciate this feedback as well, as it allows us to continue to improve our services and website experience for aspiring first home buyers”.


How do we help first home buyers?

How we help first home buyersWhat’s you favourite FHBA.com.au feature?

  1. Our website provides guidance to first home buyers through the entire property journey, right from saving for a deposit, all the way through to searching, settling & moving in. Every section of a typical first home buyer journey is here on FHBA.com.au.
  2. In each section you will find: tips; checklists; direction pointers; calculators and services you can trust to help you with that part of the property journey.  We are the best info hub for first home buyers and where you need further assistance you can engage with local first home buyer experts.
  3. Sometimes it can be hard to know who you can trust in the property world. Who can help you put your deposit together? Who can help you organise your home loan? Who can help advice me that I’m making a bid for that property in the right way? You can trust the services you find here on FHBA.com.au. Our service providers are trusted experts at helping first home buyers through the whole process.
  4. You can also get assistance with searching for your first property (to buy or rent) through our FHBA Buyer & Rent Assist packs…..FREE for FHBA VIP Club members.
FHBA co-founder Daniel Cohen says “in addition to everything you can see right now, we have a range of exciting new features & services coming soon, so make sure you stay engaged with us by joing our free FHBA VIP Club”.
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First home buyers can trust FHBA Services Community for help with any part of the property journey
FHBA Open Day
We want to make FHBA as easy as possible for first home buyers to engage with. “We want it to be as easy for aspring frist home buyers to utilise our tools & tips for first home buyers as well as engage with FHBA Services Community services” said Taj.
“We understand that the first home buyer process can be very tricky, that’s one of the reasons why we have built First Home Buyers Australia the way we have” say’s Daniel.
So for one day only, our co-founders Daniel Cohen & Taj Singh are making themselves available for FREE 30 min phone consultations where you can use the opportunity to ask ANY QUESTION you want! What will you ask?
  • Can I get finance?
  • How can I boost my deposit savings?
  • Am I eligible for any Government assistance?
This is just a couple of ideas to help you get started, but you may think of your own questions you’ve been itching to get an answer on. We must point out that under Australian regulation law’s, Daniel & Taj may not be able to answer some of your questions. However, if they can’t help, Daniel & Taj will be sure to point you in the right direction so you can get help and have your answers answered by a qualified expert from our FHBA Services Community.

Book your free consultation now!

One-on-one available appointments are strictly limited and are based on a first-to-book basis.





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