FHBA launches new property function (& service) for first home buyers

First Home Buyers Australia (FHBA) are pleased to announce a brand new function on our website. From today, you can now search for brand new first home buyer properties right here on fhba.com.au.

In this new feature of our website, our co-founder Daniel Cohen said you will find the largest national range of brand new properties out of any ‘first home buyer’ website. “This includes Apartments, Townhouses, Terraces and House & Land packages”. You will also find property listings that aren’t on other major property related websites.

Our fellow co-founder Taj Singh said the properties are from a mix of reputable developers. “We are not favoring any single developer through this search function. There is a huge range of properties, from a large mix of different developers who have gone through a comprehensive screening process to ensure they are suitable for sale”. This is done in conjunction with FHBA New Homes partner Property in a Box, who are very experienced at examining the best residential property development across Australia.


Highlights of searching for brand new properties on fhba.com.au

Through the new search function, aspiring first home buyers will be able to:

  • Search through a large range of brand new properties
  • Glance at the gallery of photos on each property listing
  • Learn some important statistics on the location (suburb) of each property listing
  • See each property location on Google maps
  • Make an enquiry for a free call back by a Experienced New Homes consultant.
A large range of House & Land packages are now available through our new property search tool.

Daniel said perhaps the best part of all is what happens after a first home buyer registers his or her interest, explaining there is a comprehensive service for first home buyers interested in any of the properties on the FHBA website. Daniel explains “after registering their interest, a first home buyer receives a call back from a qualified New Homes consultant. If you are a qualified buyer (ready to buy now or very soon) then the sales professional might be able to come and visit you for a face to face appointment to show you through a range of properties and answer all your questions about buying a brand new property. It’s a very personalised & comprehensive service”.

Taj Singh added that trust is very important to an aspiring first home buyer. “The great news is the New Home consultants aren’t representing any particular developer, so they can show you a range of options from different developers in your face-to-face, Skype, or telephone appointment”.


First Home Owner Grants & Stamp Duty concessions are available

Taj also said that aspiring first home buyers often want to know if they are eligible for any government assistance such as Grants when buying their first home. Taj noted that as all properties in this new section of the website are brand new properties, first home buyers will likely meet the criteria to receive government assistance such as First Home Owner Grants (FHOG) and Stamp Duty concessions in most cases. “Every listing has a starting price of below the relevant State governments First Home Owner Grant threshold. However, we strongly recommend that you check to see if any property you are interested in acquiring meets your State governments thresholds and eligibility criteria first” said Taj.

Daniel & Taj, who are very excited to bring this tailored service to the first home buyer market, also revealed they are working hard behind the scenes to provide first home buyers with a similar tool which allows aspiring first home buyers to search for available established (existing) homes on the market.

New unit development in WA. See more here.
New unit development in WA. See more here.

“Since we launched last year FHBA has always been about choice. Research shows that some first home buyers prefer to purchase brand new properties, while others prefer to purchase established properties. Also, some want houses, while others want an apartment. Some are looking to buy as an owner occupier, while others are looking to buy as an investor. It’s a personal choice. We want to assist all aspiring first home buyers with their search process, regardless of the preferred property type & strategy” Taj said.

Daniel & Taj said the new service will help FHBA achieve its aim to help Australians achieve the Great Australian Dream of home ownership. “There are currently some great value properties amongst the search results” said Daniel. “Plus, from time to time as new properties go through the screening process, they will be added to the list”.

Try our new property search tool now.  Search for your brand new (first home owner grant appropriate) property here.

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