In general, the harder it is to get into a property, the less likely a burglary will occur. In addition, if you do have an alarm system that makes a loud noise when there is an intruder, statistics show a burglar is more likely to leave sooner than if you do not have such a system in place.

If no security systems have been installed in your first home that you have purchased, you should strongly consider the installation of the various security system types to protect you from theft, burglary, fires & other disasters.

An unmonitored home security system is the most popular and cost-effective system on the market today. When the alarm is triggered by a burglar, it produces a loud siren noise on the inside and outside of the home. A majority of the time the siren will scare off the intruder before he even enters the home. If you aren’t home when the alarm is tripped, it will be up to your neighbours to call the police, as this type of system isn’t connected to a monitoring company call centre.

Monitored home security systems are ones that alert a central call centre when the system is triggered by a burglar or intruder. When the alarm is triggered, the call centre waits typically 30 to 45 seconds to confirm that you didn’t accidentally set it off. If the alarm continues, the call centre will attempt to contact you for a password, and if unsuccessful, will alert the police.

Other security ideas to consider for your first home include:

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