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If you go directly to a bank or some brokerage firms, they will deem the first step to be the home loan pre-approval application. However, at FHBA we don’t consider this to be the case – if you are pre-qualified as a first home buyer the chances of getting pre-approved are much higher! If you believe you are eligible for your first home loan, it’s important to prepare yourself and determine how much you can borrow before submitting a pre-approval application. Your broker or lender will use a wide range of information to determine if you qualify a home loan now.

Because of the difference in criteria for each lender, there’s no standard home loan eligibility calculator that can accurately calculate every first home buyer’s eligibility for their first home. Therefore it’s wise to talk to an expert first home buyer Coach.

How does FHBA Pre-qualify first home buyers?


    Your FHBA Coach/Broker will contact you within 24 hours of your enquiry submission to conduct a short phone call consultation where we will ask you a range of questions to determine if you pre-qualify for your first home loan.


    Your FHBA Coach/Broker will prepare an analysis of the information provided (at no cost to you) and communicate whether or not you pre-qualify for a first home loan, if you don’t we will tell you exactly what you need to get pre-qualified


    Within the results, your FHBA Coach will advise what your options are so you can compare them and decide if you want to go ahead with a home loan pre-approval or if you wish to save further and purchase your first home at a later date.

Benefits of getting pre-qualified before a pre-approval


If you went straight to a pre-approval either through a broker or direct to a lender, you may be limiting yourself. Getting pre-qualified first gives you a range of different options


Every time you lodge a pre-approval it will appear on your credit history, this may lead to A deterioration in your credit report (especially if you lodge many pre-approvals!)


We all know how busy everyone is, if you get pre-qualified it will avoid unnecessary time wasting as you won’t need to explore different options or lenders to get your loan


Regardless of whether you pre-qualify or not, a pre-qualification consultation will allow to choose and begin a path to achieving your Great Australian Dream of home ownership

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