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If you’re trying to buy your first home, but the banks or other mortgage brokers won’t talk to you because you don’t have the deposit, you may still be eligible for a no (zero) deposit home loan!

With many homebuyers struggling to come up with the significant deposit required to secure a home loan, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get into a new home. We stress this option may not be for everyone and does come with some extra risks and costs, however, if you really want to own your first home this is definitely an option.

Another method of buying your first home without a deposit is to receive parental assistance, for more information on Parent Guarantor Loans, please click here.

Our experienced No Deposit home loan partners are happy to guide you through the 4 step process. Please note, this option is mainly available for first home buyers looking to buy a brand new First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) eligible home



    Complimentary consultation with your FHBA Coach to determine eligibility


    Your Zero Deposit Loan expert team will attend to your finance needs and obtain a pre-approval


    Select your desired first home location and dream home design within your budget


    Upon signing the contract your dream home will be ready to build with your selection



We are independent of our partners who provide this service


We have a range of unbiased options that we can present to you


If you aren’t eligible for a zero deposit loan, we won’t suggest it!


This option is great for those wanting to buy a brand new home sooner!


We at FHBA, cover all options regardless of whether you are looking to buying your first home with a standard deposit, a low deposit or a zero deposit! Whilst we don’t offer this service in house, we have trusted partners across Australia that can offer a No or Zero deposit home loan to you – if that is what you are looking for.

Our goal is to open the door to home ownership for as many Australians as we can. We do help first home buyers and customers who have had trouble obtaining finance before with no deposit home loans or those first home buyers who have been renting, therefore have found it hard to build a deposit. We don’t believe you should get punished and not be able to realise your Great Australia Dream of home ownership if you have been renting and paying your rent on time.

The No Deposit home loan solution can help our clients make the most out of the Government concessions available including the FHOG and Stamp Duty concessions.


A first home buyer couple Adam and Amy have been renting for 2 years. They are from a country town in Queensland, however, both have moved to the Southern Brisbane suburbs due to work reasons. The couple have been renting at the one home over the last 2 years and have been paying their rent on time, in fact, they have been sometimes paid their rent a few weeks in advance of the due date.

Over the last 2 years Adam & Amy have also purchased a motor vehicle each, as both require a car to do their job. Whilst they bought both cars with finance, they have worked hard over the last 2 years to completely pay off their car loans. Now they have no debts, but Adam and Amy are both keen on calling a home their ‘own’. They understand a deposit is required to buy their first home, however, their circumstances and hard work in paying off their previous debts have meant they have only saved enough to pay for the costs of moving into their first home.

As Adam and Amy have shown a good rental payment and loan payment history they want to see if they are eligible to build a brand new home in the area using the First home owner incentives and/or any builder’s grants. As their budget is around $350,000 they can use the FHOG in QLD of $20,000 (before 30 June 2017) to form part of their deposit as their rental payments have formed part of their genuine savings.


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