The Queensland Government has historically led the way in its assistance measures to help first home owners get their new first home sooner.

The current First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) doubled to $30,000 – effective from 20 November 2023.

Current assistance measures include:

Stamp Duty Exemptions

No stamp duty for eligible first home buyers who purchase a new or existing dwelling under $505,000

Stamp Duty Concessions

Discounted stamp duty for eligible first home buyers who purchase a new or existing dwelling between the value of $505,000 and $550,000


You can now buy your first home with as little as a 2% deposit if you are a single parent, or a 5% deposit for other eligible buyers. Queensland have generous price caps in some suburbs.

Queensland FHOG

The QLD FHOG is now $30,000 for eligible first home buyers looking to buy a brand new house, townhouse or apartment (valued up to $750,000)



Our friendly Coaches explain all the steps, determine your borrowing capacity, offer suitable loan options, compile your loan application paperwork and even assist you with applications for the FHOG and Stamp Duty concessions


Not sure where to buy or what type of property to buy? Our partnered property experts can assist you research your options via a tailored approach that takes into consideration your circumstances & goals so you can make an informed decision


With the foundations in place, this step involves attending open homes while your FHBA Coach can assist with negotiations for established homes, or if you are looking for a new home we can assist with your search!


Our independent legal partners can assist you with all your contract review needs and ensure you settle on your first home; while your FHBA Coach can assist you with planning your move and organising protection for your first home


Before you start looking at open homes online and on your weekends, it is a good idea to start planning your first home purchase. An FHBA Coach (who are also qualified Mortgage Brokers) can assist you by helping you work out your budget and borrowing capacity as well as help you secure a home loan pre-approval. A pre-approval outlines how much a bank or lender is willing to lend to you for your first home purchase.

Your FHBA Coach has access to market leading technology, allowing them to help you compare a range of lending options suitable for you, from Australia’s biggest banks through to smaller specialised lending institutions, to help you find you a great home loan deal. Your FHBA Coach can also assist with low deposit home loans (e.g. 5% deposit), parental assistance loans (if your parents are in a position to assist you) and can also help you determine your eligibility (as well as assist you apply) for government initiatives such as the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) and stamp duty concessions.

Did you know that if you are currently renting you may be eligible to purchase a brand new home with no/minimal deposit, as you can use the $30,000 FHOG towards the deposit of your first home? Enquire below!

If you are thinking of buying in the next 6 months, or just have some questions, we get in touch for a complimentary Discovery Session (which includes a no-charge and no-obligation to proceed assessment of your finances) with an FHBA Coach.

Self-estimate if you have enough using our FHBA Eligibility Estimator:

Disclaimer: The FHBA Eligibility Estimator is intended as an approximate guide only. It uses a mixture of the data you input, median property prices from APM PriceFinder and estimated purchasing costs. You should not rely solely on the results of the Eligibility Estimator. Please contact an FHBA Coach (who is a licensed credit adviser) for a more comprehensive estimate based on your personal circumstances



With Stamp Duty concessions/exemption?

These two specialist first home buyer services will help you get on the front foot when you are ready to buy your first home:


A unique service for those first home buyers who are not sure where to buy, what type of property to buy and are looking for some expert reports enabling them to bid on a property with confidence.


We will not only help you obtain your first home loan pre-approval or pre-qualification, but we go the extra mile to help you. We will ensure all aspects of your first home buying journey go smoothly!


And one that is eligible for the FHBA 50 Rebate?

FHBA New Homes is a unique and 100% complimentary service to all QLD first home buyers; regardless of whether you are looking for a brand new house & land, townhouse or apartment. And whether that be an off-the-plan, under construction or completed new property!

You will have the opportunity to meet a new home expert who can help you compare a range of property options that are eligible for the QLD FHOG of $30,000 and stamp duty exemption (or concessions). There is no obligation to proceed with any of the property options.

And to help you even further we offer a cash rebate to eligible first home buyers called the FHBA 50 Rebate. This puts money back in your pockets when you need it most – ask your FHBA Coach for details.

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