FHBA Negotiate Assist

Helping first home buyers buy within their budgets

Do you feel uncomfortable when dealing with real estate agents for your first home?
Did you know that a real estate agent works for and is paid by the vendor (seller)?
Are you looking for someone you can trust when negotiating with an agent?
Are you looking for an experienced Coach to negotiate on your behalf

Real estate agents undertake years of work and training on the job, on how to squeeze every single dollar possible out of a buyer, when selling a house for a vendor. Did you know that in the US, more than half of all buyers use a dedicated buyers agent or negotiation assist service to help them buy their first home. It makes sense doesn’t it? If vendors (sellers) can be represented by a real estate agent who is negotiating on behalf of them to achieve a sale, why can’t buyers receive some sort of representation when buying their first home.

Enter, FHBA Negotiate Assist. Our day to day negotiation expertise on behalf of buyers is designed to beat real estate agents at their own game!


The property advice industry is rife with real estate agents who are solely looking after their vendor clients, usually at the expense of first home buyers who are not only outbid and overpowered by investors, but are given more attention by real estate agents.

Our approach is unique in that we won’t charge you thousands for a negotiation service, nor will we charge a success fee, like other buyer agents in the industry do. Our team consists of skilled FHBA Coaches who have extensive experience in a range of property fields all working to help achieve your goals of buying your slice of the Great Australian Dream.

The FHBA Negotiate Assist process can be summarised into 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Shortlist Properties

    Once you have selected the properties you are very interested in buying, you communicate your maximum price/s to your FHBA Coach through your personalised online tracker.

  • 2. Coach Negotiates

    Your personalised FHBA Coach contacts the real estate agent (through various tactics) and will work towards achieving a price within your borrowing capacity and below your assigned maximum for the property/s

  • 3. Communicating discussions

    Through the online tracker your FHBA Coach will communicate the result of each discussion with the agent and will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you have via telephone needs

  • 4. Final Acceptance

    Once you have provided confirmation of which property and price you are happy to proceed with your FHBA Coach will finalise the the price with the agent and assist you with preparing the formal offer template


The possibilities are many – Our Negotiation Assist Service brings representation and quality for all first home buyers, regardless of whether you are negotiating for an house, apartment or townhouse

Below are 6 important features of the FHBA Negotiate Assist:


Your designated FHBA Coach works tirelessly and at hours that suit you to assist you

Online Tracker

Our Online Tracker Platform will enable all communication to be quick & effective

Off Market Homes

Your FHBA Coach will also share any off-market stock if it meets your criteria

Online Portal

You will get exclusive access to your own First home buyer portal for research & calculators

Exclusive Service

This service is only available to first home buyers who are buying an established first home


This service is provided at a low one off cost with no success or engagement fees


Our ‘FHBA Negotiate Assist’ is provided by:


new home buyers


Whilst we cannot guarantee we will get the lowest price possible, we will still be working to achieve the price that you assign as the maximum and within your borrowing power.

Your FHBA Coach who may also be assisting you with your first home loan needs, is in a great position to ensure you buy a home that you can afford and will ensure you don’t overspend when you purchase your first home.

Whilst our service is provided remotely via telephone & online means, it means we can pass on the costs savings of travel and meetings to you, the first home buyer!


At FHBA your coach’s dealings with the real estate agents are 100% independent. We do not sell property. We will only offer this solution if we feel you will benefit from representation when negotiating for your first home

If you use FHBA Mortgages for your first home loan needs, then FHBA will provide you with a discounted service:

  • FHBA Mortgage Customers
    $990/ One Off
    This offer is available for clients using our complimentary home loan service.
  • Non-FHBA Mortgage Customers
    $1,290/ One Off
    This offer is for first home buyers who already have their home loan sorted.

Case Study

Tom and Samantha have a home loan pre-approval and have been looking for their first home over the last 3 months. Their budget is very tight as they are buying their first home with the minimum deposit of 5%. Their deposit restricts their borrowing capacity to no more than $400,000. They have both become very frustrated with the process as the market is very hot in their area of choice, whereby investors have been outbidding them on a consistent basis – even in private treaty sales.

After 3 months without any luck, the couple has decided enough is enough and they have approached FHBA for some negotiation assistance. Upon signing the agreement, they view 2 properties they really like on the weekend. As FHBA already know what their maximum budget is, Tom calls his FHBA Coach and tell them the 2 property addresses and what their maximum perceived value is.

The FHBA Coach collects the property contact details from the listings on the real estate portal and calls the real estate agent involved in the sale of the property. After multiple discussions with both agents, the FHBA Coach was able to negotiate a price below Tom’s maximum price for each of the properties. Upon acceptance, Tom and Samantha visited the agent’s office for the property they chose (of the two) and paid the holding deposit to secure the property. They were both very happy with the deal after searching for 3 months without any luck!


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