Saving a deposit to buy your first home is no easy feat. On average it takes Australians over 4 years to save a deposit and for many Australians, it takes even longer.

We have designed this section of to provide aspiring first home buyers with insights into how to go about saving a deposit quicker. Take a look around. There is plenty of free information, special offers and even a free budget tool!

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One of the most common questions we hear from aspiring first home buyers is “Do I have enough?” We have designed an easy-to-use tool that allow’s you to estimate how far away from purchasing your first home in your desired suburb.

Estimate if your current savings are substanital enough to buy your first home


The chances are that saving for a home deposit will probably take you longer than any previous thing you have ever saved for. In order to save a deposit sooner you have to be prudent with your expenditure and save as much of your hard earn income as you can.

To help make saving for a deposit easier and quicker for all Australians we offer all aspiring first home buyers a quick & easy to use DIY Budget Planner so you can work out where your hard earned money is going and plan to save more for your future.

Could you afford to continue to repay your home loan if you were unable to work due to sickness or injury? Income Protection insurance provides a replacement income when you (the insured) are unable to work because of injury or illness. This can help you cover lifestyle expenses such as mortgage repayments while you recover and get back to a position where you are able to work. When it comes to Income Protection Insurance you can usually insure around 75% of your pre-tax income. There is much to consider though when it comes to different products, different features and your personal circumstances. Our friends at Life Insurance Direct are experienced at Income Protection insurance and can help you design your very own Income Protection Insurance policy at no cost to you. Life Insurance Direct can also help you with Life, TPD and Income Protection insurance. To compare quotes online now and speak with an Australian life insurance expert from the Life Insurance Direct team and learn more about your Life insurance protection options please complete the quote request form below now.

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When saving for a deposit it’s fair to say that every bit counts. We want to make it easy for aspiring first home buyers to find great banking deals so that your hard earned savings goes even further.

We have teamed up with our friends at Mozo to create FHBA Savers Hub. FHBA Savers Hub allow’s you to compare a range of hot banking deals on offer right now.

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