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When saving for your housing deposit (& other expensive items) it’s fair to say that every single bit counts.

Welcome to FHBA Savers Hub, designed with the purpose to help you maximise your savings.

FHBA Savers Hub allows you to easily view, compare and apply for hot deals on a large range of banking products. The Hub’s comparison tables are reviewed daily to ensure some of the hottest banking deals are published, waiting for you to take advantage of .

Give your savings a boost today!

Everyday Savings

Everyday banking accounts should be convenient for daily banking needs, while offering very low fees (or even no fees).

A lower cost, more convenient transaction bank account could be waiting for you on the very next page.

High Interest Savings

Online savings accounts are nothing new. But when was the last time you checked to see how your current interest rate stacks up against other rates in the market?

Chances are your hard earned savings are missing out on a better deal. Take a look for yourself.

Term Deposits

A housing deposit can take many months and years to save. If you still have a way to go that’s perfectly normal. But why not get your savings to work that little bit harder in a hot term deposit offer?

Home Loans

Nearly saved a deposit? Why not check out current home loan interest rates  offered by a large range of banks and lenders.

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