FHBA new homes of the week: 11 May 2016 (Edition 9)

This Wednesday we present our FHBA New Homes of The Week to highlight to you some of the best opportunities to secure a new home that is eligible for the First Home Owners Grant. Last week featured the more peaceful & quieter relaxed settings away from hustle of the major cities, however this week all of our brand new homes are within 20km of the CBD for each state. Browse for yourself below.FHBA New Homes - Whitebackground

Here’s our FHBA New Homes of The Week for 11 May 2016:

Queensland (Darra)

QLD 11 May Darra

New South Wales (Canterbury)

NSW 11 May Canterbury

Victoria (North Melbourne)

VIC 11 may North mel

South Australia (Northgate)

SA 11 May Northgate

Western Australia (Lathlain)

WA 11 May Laithlan

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