Process for buying your first home in Queensland

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial steps that you will take as a first home buyer, therefore, it is critical for you to understand your rights as a buyer and just how the home [...]

REVEALED: Preferred locations for Victoria’s HomesVic Scheme

The Victorian Government announced a pilot shared equity scheme to help low to medium income-earning Victorians buy their first home. Under the program, the Government is helping eligible first [...]

FHBA Investigation: Why are fixed rates so popular with fhb’s

There is always a great deal of debate in the media around whether borrowers (more specifically, first home buyers) should choose to leave their interest rate variable, or go fixed (or a [...]

Why Rockingham is growing as a first home buyer hotspot

Hotspot in Focus: The City of Rockingham Rockingham is a city and primary town in Western Australia, south-west of the Perth city centre and south of Fremantle. Rockingham is a coastal town, [...]

First home buyers guide to ‘Credit Scoring’

Lenders look at a range of factors when determining your (a first home buyer’s) eligibility for your first home loan. Other than the more obvious factors such as income, liabilities & [...]

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The month of January is traditionally a quiet time for the property market with less competition among buyers and fewer listings as most Australians take a large portion off the month to enjoy [...]

Fast growing SW Sydney now a first home buyer hotspot

Hotspot in Focus: The Camden Council The Camden Council is a local government area in the Macarthur region, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The area is located south west of the [...]

Could these popular locations on ‘surge’ in 2018?

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