First home buyers offered reward points for first home loans

Australian lenders are continuing the theme of offering providing more attractive offers to first home buyers as owner-occupier lending continues to be the area of focus for them. In November, [...]

The Block Auctions a lesson for first home buyers

FHBA Property Market Update – Top story On Sunday night it was the 2017 grand final of the channel 9 TV series, The Block. The Block grand final is always known for their entertaining and [...]

Is it possible to get a loan while I am on maternity leave?

If you have decided to (or are planning to) start a family and you’d like to buy your first home, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not a lender will give you a loan [...]

Hotspot in Focus: Upper Central Coast (NSW)

Our ‘hotspot in focus’ for this fortnight is located in the upper ‘Central Coast’ region of Sydney (NSW). The Wyong District (now a part of the larger Central Coast [...]

Stamp duty concessions for first home buyers “have not” resulted in increased house prices

FHBA Property Market Update – Top story Earlier this year the NSW & Victorian governments introduced changes to stamp duty for eligible first home buyers, including: An exemption from [...] enters the home loan market, but are they any good at it?

 Australia’s number 1 property website, (a website many people use to search for property listings on the market), has just entered the Australian home loan arena through [...]

Split loans are in fashion for first timers, but why?

In the media, first home buyers are seeing many different views by economic experts on which direction they think interest rates are headed. For this reason, many aspiring & current first [...]

With signs market conditions are changing, don’t forget to bargain!

FHBA Property Market Update – Top story Over the last several months or so market conditions have been changing in quiet a few property markets according to property data houses such as [...]

Do I need ‘Life Insurance’ as a first home buyer?

Saving for and owning a first home can be very rewarding but at the same time it involves taking on a big commitment. It’s important to cover all your bases, so that should anything happen; [...]

Hotspot in Focus: Seaford (SA)

The City of Onkaparinga is a local government area located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It is named after the Onkaparinga River. The Onkaparinga region is home to 50 [...]

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